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Author Marco Carestia Reveals the Science of the Okinawa Diet


Pavia, Italy – Oct. 1, 2018 – Author Marco Carestia announced the release of his new book, “Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret.” Available on Amazon in a paperback and Kindle edition, Carestia provides readers with an in-depth analysis of the Okinawa diet, its benefits, and the impact it has on lifespan.

“The Okinawa diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world,” said Carestia. “Coupled with exercise, the diet enables the Okinawans to have a long lifespan.”

The Okinawa diet is based on the everyday eating habits of the residents of Okinawa, a population with the largest number of centenarians in the world, along with low rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Carestia provides readers with a detailed examination of the primary differences between the eating habits of Okinawans as compared to individuals in the West and other developed countries.

Carestia details how the Okinawan people have established a diet and exercise balance that results in extreme longevity and a population where obesity is exceedingly rare. Readers will learn the different types of foods consumed in the Okinawan diet, the ratios eaten each day, and the way it affects the body. It’s a diet that’s been validated by science.

Another Okinawa diet benefit is that even in their later years, Okinawans don’t exhibit the same levels of strength loss that commonly affects the elderly in other cultures or the disability rates. They often live to 100 years of age and remain active throughout their entire lifetime. One important factor is that Okinawans naturally eat an average of 20 percent fewer calories than other cultures and smaller amounts of protein.

In “Okinawa Diet,” Carestia explores the antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables that are staples of the Okinawan people. The fruits and vegetables provide the vitamins and even trace minerals required for health, while meeting requirements for proper hydration. Low in fat and sugars, the diet also features seafood, but little meat.

In “Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret,” Carestia provides a comprehensive and thorough examination of the Okinawa diet, what it comprises, and its benefits for the body. Readers will learn how they can emulate the diet to help their body function effectively and live a longer, healthier life.

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Taj Lake Palace – Wedding Venue on an Island


Udaipur is a popular place for destination weddings in India. This city has hosted many high profile and celebrity wedding in recent years.

Udaipur has some of the best hotels in India for organizing a grand destination wedding and one of them is Taj Lake Palace which is a palace built on an island in Lake Pichola.

Cost of wedding at Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace is one of the most expensive hotels in India and cost of wedding here is likely to be more than Rs. 1 crore. If you hire a Wedding planner in Udaipur for organizing destination wedding, they will help you in reducing cost and also provide services like managing wedding décor, transportation and accommodation.

If you have large number of guests then arrangements for accommodation can be made at another hotels. The cost of accommodation would depend on choice of hotel and number of guests.

Wedding expenses at Taj Lake Palace


Cost of each room at Taj Lake Palace could be between Rs. 25000 – Rs. 35000 per night. If you have large number of guests you may arrange accommodation at other luxury hotels where rooms cost around Rs. 7000 – Rs. 12000 per night.


Cost per person at Lake Palace is likely to be between Rs. 8000 – Rs. 10000 which includes transportation from jetty to hotel.

Wedding Décor

While basic decoration is provided by hotel, if you wish a well-managed decoration service you may consult wedding planners who will manage and provide various services including decoration within your budget. If you are interested in hosting a wedding at Taj Lake Palace you may contact Magic Lights Wedding Planners to find out cost of destination wedding at Taj Lake Palace for your requirements.

Facilities at Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace was built in mid eighteenth century as a pleasure palace and it was later converted into a hotel. The facilities at this 5 star hotel include:

  1. 17 suites and 66 rooms.
  2. Indian and Multi cuisine restaurants.
  3. Bar & Spa


Free Wedding Information Websites from



As they say on their amazing website, “FREE WEDDING WEBSITES THAT ARE AS PERFECT AS YOU ARE”. We agree!

Basic Invite has put out the perfect digital product for weddings, announcements, invites, save the date as well as many other features that will make your wedding special. It is by far the best wedding information websites that we’ve encountered.

It’s elegant, easy-to-use, and simple for anybody to simply upload photos, invite guests, monitor RSVP’s and interact with your guest list quickly and painlessly. What a website is all our editor’s have to say!

For each website, you will find a matching stationery suite so that you have a consistent look on your website and your wedding invitations. They pack your account with so many features that you can customize the most important day of your life easily.


“Will be ordering more of these I love them!”

“I searched a lot of websites for the perfect graduation announcement and found them here! Great quality and very fast service!”

What features do you get in your account? The best way to describe it is endless possibilities. Our editors have seen it all. This is by far the most complete function-filled website we’ve used. Our staff, specifically one who is getting married, used the website for herself and loved it!

Free Address Collection
Use the addresses your guests provide with our free addressing service to create beautiful envelopes instantly.

Free Digital RSVP Service
Collect your guests names, meal choices, and more. Quickly create printed place cards with your guests names.

Matching Card Designs
Each website has a full suite of matching printed designs. From invitations, to programs, place cards and more.

Maps and Travel Made Easy
One easy-to-use site for all of your travel details, hotels options, and maps. Easily share event times, directions, & more.

Free Registry Website
Include links to as many wedding registries as you like and we’ll display the link on your personal wedding website.

Free Photo Gallery
Share your engagement and wedding photos in your own private photo gallery.

Share Your Story
Share your unique love story and help guests get to know the happy couple before the main event.

One-of-a-kind Wedding Websites
Customize each design in any of the 180+ colors in the Basic Invite palette to create a site that is uniquely you.


3 Tips to Creating Perfect Save the Dates



3 Tips to Creating Perfect Save the Dates

Save the dates are the first stop on the road to stationery bliss! Next will come your wedding invitation suite, followed by your thank you notes ,and finally wedding announcements. By that time you’ll all be pros, but to get you started and even more importantly – inspired, we’re here with the pro’s over at Basic Invite to bring you three easy tips to creating the perfect save the dates!

Pick A Color

Choosing a color is trickier than you think. Most brides have a vision set in their mind, but once the decision making begins and your bridesmaid’s opinions start to flow in it’s wedding theme mayhem! No worries… options are good and save the dates are the perfect time to work out any kinks and really pin down a color scheme.

A few things to consider: the time of year, the venue, and the overall aesthetic of your day. These are three major factors to keep in mind while planning your wedding and designing your stationery. For example, you’re planning a fall wedding – think leaves, rustic designs, and earth tones. Maybe your wedding is at an art museum – think modern, black and white, foil. When you put into perspective the overall aesthetic of your day choosing a color becomes so much easier!

Order Custom Samples

Ordering custom samples is key especially if you designed your save the dates online. You want to feel the card stock in your hands, see the pigment of the colors you finally landed on, and test out the envelopes. Seeing a custom sample will not only give you peace of mind, but it will get you over-the-top excited to send them out to your guests and get started on your wedding invitation design!

Collect Your Addresses

Collecting addresses sounds like a drag, right? Emails, phone calls, text messages, and follow ups… what bride has time for that? That’s why collecting your addresses online is the way to go! Basic Invite offers free address collection services where all you need to do is a share a link on social media or via email to your guests. They can then insert their mailing info for you to y upload straight into your online guest list. Once you’ve collected your addresses Basic Invite will automatically upload the info and print your recipient addresses free! No hassle, no hand cramps, and so much more time left over to take care of business!

Three simple tips to getting your save the dates designed, ordered, and in the mail. And Basic Invite really is the best website for save the dates! They offer 180 colors to choose from and all of their designs are customizable which means you can choose multiple colors and create a truly unique design. You can even upload a photo for a romantic and personalized backdrop or add gold, silver, or rose gold foil for a breathtaking and memorable look!

Basic Invite offers custom samples, instant previews, and so much more! Head over to their site for 15% off everything and don’t forget to order place cards for your wedding, thank you notes, and all of your other stationery needs!

You can also find Basic Invite at @basicinvite on all social media platforms:






Unusual / Luxury Locations for a Wedding


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What do you look for in a wedding venue? Some couples look at their budget while others focus on the uniqueness of the location. Other couples choose a location based on proximity to their places of abode. Many couples prefer using the local church or outdoor facility as the wedding venue. Regardless of what you look for, the options are too many to exhaust. For example, do you know there are numerous unusual or luxury locations for wedding near you?

Here are a few of the most unusual or luxury locations to choose for your wedding.

Painters’ Hall and Pewterers’ Hall

Painters’ Hall and Pewterers’ Hall are two of the most unusual/luxury locations for a wedding. They are worth selecting to give your guests a different experience from what they are accustomed to. Painters’ Hall is capable of catering for the needs of up to 180 guests in its dining room. Its reception caters for 250 guests. Pewterers’ Hall, on the other hand, hosts 102 guests in its dining space and 130 guests in its reception area.

Mosaica at The Factory

Mosaica at The Factory is also worth selecting as your preferred wedding location. Its uniqueness is in the fact that the venue is part of a gorgeous loft located right on top of what was once a chocolate factory. Other than that, it appeals to many people mostly because of the cool yet elegant art and design center where it’s located. It is an excellent choice for couples who take the food served to guests seriously.

House of Commons

House of Commons is a unique choice too. Nothing trumps getting married at the House of Commons. Guests will love looking at your wedding photos, especially when they see the resplendent Palace of Westminster in the background. House of Commons is a historical building that stands out as a wedding venue. It’s surrounded by numerous iconic landmarks in London that will make your wedding one that guests will speak of for a long time to come.

Institute of Contemporary Arts

For people with a deep appreciation for cultural spaces, nothing is better than the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The venue is perfect for modern couples. While on its balconies, expect to see some astounding London landmarks such as the London Eye and the Big Ben. You will never find any other fitting backdrop when taking that drink than what the Institute of Contemporary Arts provides.

Foundling Museum

Foundling Museum is another outstanding wedding venue. It’s the perfect and most unusual venue for people who love arts. It was established as a way of recognizing artists who have spent time and money improving children’s lives for the last 270 years or so. Any person hosting wedding here has unfettered access to the entire museum. It recognizes the history of the renowned Thomas Coram’s Foundling Hospital.




Newlyweds kissing in classic carPlanning your wedding can be the most challenging, hectic but still exciting process and often many fail due to poor planning. The main reason is that people tend to fail in distinguishing what to are the essentials or what to come first. Giving priorities is not every person cup of tea. However, this article will help in providing the key essentials plans you need to make in the early stages of your wedding.


Budgeting is the most critical and indispensable part of wedding planning. Considering how formal, informal, big or small your wedding will be, are the key aspects of how your budget will be. Range your budget within your abilities. Do not have a budget that is too huge or will leave you with debts after the wedding. Remember there is life to live and future responsibilities after the wedding. Whether you are funding your wedding or parents and well wishers fund your wedding ensure your budget is realistic and achievable to the kind of wedding you want.


After budgeting and working on the fact that you have a date and time set, the next essential thing to do is decide where you intend to host your wedding, mostly determined by the budget you have outlined. Are you doing your wedding abroad or considering your home? In church or on the beach? A garden wedding or perhaps something else out of this world? Importantly, find you honeymoon location too while planning the venue These two are important to have early for booking or setting. You do not want to plan everything then you realize you do not have anywhere to host your special day and to be. Have it sorted early enough and booked in advance.

Guest List

The guest list is presumably the hardest part of wedding planning to coming up. However, this can be comfortable and less hectic. Have a rough number of intended guest during the budget making. Then when you come to these part, you can quickly start keying in names without a problem. Having a guest list will not only ensure you remain within the budget but also ensure that you will not again have to spend more than your budget.


Having a wedding caterer is also very important for your wedding planning. Most people ignore this and end up having a shoddy job done regarding feeding the guests due to last minutes rush. Having a caterer earlier means you get to decide what to offer in your wedding by getting professional advice. The caterer presence means you will save regarding budgeting, while importantly getting a professional service for your guests. We all want our gets to get the best services at we can offer on a special occasion to create an impact that you value them.

The Wedding Rings

Lastly and again essential wedding rings. Have them chosen and custom made specially to ensure they are a perfect fit for you and your partner. You do not want to have a ring that occasionally falls off or an inferior brand that will fade off or rust when it comes to contact with water. Get a good brand from a good dealer shop and there you go have your dream wedding.


Handy Checklist of Things to Get Done on Your Wedding Day



The big day is slowly getting closer. The emotions are overwhelming for most and there is a good reason for this. The best thing you can do is make a list of things to get done for the big day. Having this list handy on you at all times will help. You will surely have many epiphanies out of the blue and documenting them in critical because remembering so many things has proven to fail. Have a notebook handy or create a folder on your phone and add to it constantly as you go along.

Couples Check List

As a couple, there are things you need to do before the wedding that involves the both of you. Since the wedding day belongs to the both of you there is no reason not to share the responsibility and enjoy the road leading up to the big day.

  • Tanning salon. You will be grateful you went when the photos come out.
  • Whiten Teeth. The greatest thing a person can possess is a beautiful smile.
  • Wedding License. Do not forget this.
  • Go to a spa. Spend a day before the wedding just the two of you and forget about the wedding
  • Bride Check List

As a bride you might not think that forgetting your wedding dress the day of the wedding could happen, but why risk it? Make a list of apparel items just to have them in check.

  • The wedding dress
  • Bridal dress accessories
  • Bridal shoes
  • Bridal gloves
  • Bridal purse
  • Garter
  • Engagement ring
  • Hair accessories
  • Bridesmaids dress
  • Bridesmaids gifts
  • As a bride there are a few items to add to the list that you should purchase to have on hand on the day of the wedding that will come in handy both to you and your future husband. Since you will be the center of attention all day you need to look and smell your best!

To Buy Check List

  • Advil ( you never know)
  • Band-aids ( protect that dress)
  • A touch-up makeup kit
  • A comb
  • Bobby pins ( have extras in case a strand of hair gets to be too rebellious)
  • A lint roller (a lot of people will be hugging you )
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Mouth wash
  • Groom Check List

We all know the bride is the main attraction at a wedding. The groom comes in second. This does not mean the groom does not have a lot of responsibilities as well.

Being the groom might not be as hectic as being the bride but this is where your future wife needs her man. The little things she will take care of for sure.

  • Set Alarm for the wedding day. (don’t laugh, you do not want to oversleep today because you had a drink with the groomsmen all night.)
  • Wedding rings! Do not forget them.
  • Wedding vowsWrite a love letter for your bride and have it delivered to her (with the gift)
  • Buy your bride a wedding gift and have it delivered to her on the day of the wedding. (Through all the craziness remind her that today is about thtwo of you.)
  • Wedding speech
  • Tuxedo ready
  • Book the honeymoon
  • Transportation for the guest if necessary
  • Book the guests accommodations (for a destination wedding or if the guests are not from there)
  • Groomsmen’s suits (check with them first to know if they have suits for the big day)
  • Groomsmen’s gifts (a token of appreciation for their help and friendship. Cufflinks and hip flasks are the best choice)
  • Cigars for you and the groomsmen
  • House sitter (I personally am a little paranoid and would love to now all is safe)”

Wedding gift organizer. (Choose someone to take the wedding gifts to your house. You guys will be off on your honeymoon right away)

There will be things you will forget. There will be a guest that will not be satisfied, there always are. That is ok as long as you communicate with each other, with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, this is why you choose them. Have a leader assigned in your place that is creative and good under pressure.

Most importantly you should never forget to check off one of the most important things on the list:

Have FUN! You only get married once!


How to Choose the Right Wedding Venue for You


The big day is arriving faster than you had imagined. There is no need to panic, it won’t help. The more you worry the worse it gets. There is a lot you can do to keep most things in check. First of all, congratulations!

Make a list of Guests

The main thing you need to do is make the list! Make your parents give you their final list as well just so you do not have any surprises. Once you know how many people will be attending your wedding you can start the next steps to choosing the venue.

Choose your Budget

This is one of the most important factors of a wedding. Once you figure out how much you want to spend on your wedding you can go looking for wedding venues with a clear mind.

Start Scouting Venues

Once the list is done you can start scouting the locations you wish to see. Consider as many possibilities as possible. It does not cost you anything to take a look.

Make a list of things to look for and to ask once you arrive at the venues.

Is this The Right Venue for you? Question everything

Where will your guests be coming from? If they are not local, choosing a venue that is easily accessible and has accommodation on site or hotels in close proximity is desirable because they have to sleep somewhere. If you have guests coming from abroad how far is the closest international airport? These factors may play a role in your decision making.

Try to consider the guest’s comfort as much as you can. Even if they are all from the same zone as you, do not make them go too far, you want them to have a few drinks don’t you? Well, consider the drive after the wedding is over.

If you desire a wedding venue that is further away, make it a weekend event and have everyone who wants to spend the weekend and relax.

Lighting is everything

Visit the Venue at the time of day your wedding will be taking place. Everything from how the light floods into the space, to if a cold draft sweeps through the hallway can help you figure out if this is the venue you want to spend your money on. Figure out if their AC works as they promised. You do not want a hot wedding! People will remember!

What does the Venue Offer?

Most venues already have everything you need for the tables from cloths to the right decorations, to lights, leaving you with just one or two things to bring. Why bring in a wedding planner and pay for the decorations if the venue already has everything you might want.


Parking is seldom a critical factor if you get married outside an urban area. Either way, people want to have a room to park their cars.

Food and Alcohol

Food and alcohol account for the greatest portion of an event’s budget. Food and beverages are a big deal so be careful.

Questions to Ask at the Venue

Budget – will the venue be able to provide everything you need within your budget, are taxes included in the price, are staff gratuities added and if so are they optional?

Suppliers – do you have artistic friends that want to bake the cake or take the photographs? If so check the venue will permit this or do you need to use their recommended suppliers?

Live music – if you would like a band does the venue permit this? If you would like a string quartet during reception drinks does the venue allow music outside?

Fireworks, sparklers, flame eaters etc. – if you have any different entertainment ideas check your venue will allow it.

There is a lot to be done before a wedding, but if you write everything down, make a list and communicate there shouldn’t be a problem. Choose someone you can trust and make them your advisor for the time being to keep you in check when you think that the ice swan idea sounds amazing!

Make a plan and follow it as much as you can.


How to Choose the Right Caterer for Your Wedding


Catering Food Wedding Event TableWedding planning takes more than just the monetary resource and your efforts to successfully make it happen on your big day. A series of numerous decisions need to be made in order to have that is required ready and standby so as to avoid delays, frustrations, undesired extra expenses and several others. Choosing the right caterer for your wedding is one of these very crucial decisions that you have to make in your wedding planning. So, as you are deciding who to marry, you also need to keep in mind that your wedding breakfast waits for the right personnel for it to work out. So, what do you need to know as far as wedding catering is concerned?

Do I need a caterer?

Like most weddings, guest lists may exceed 20. If so for your case, then getting a professional caterer should be considered on a serious note. You need to completely exclude yourself from worries like; has everyone has enough to eat? Next in line, think of the type of catering you may require. In most occasions, the venues you may choose may have a list of wedding caterers from whom you may choose. But if this is not the case, then you have to consider facts like; number of guests, budgets, the ideal venue and a few more others. Then once you have compiled a list of caterers, do a background check on all of them. Use styles like word of mouth as most who may be catering for your wedding may have hotels and restaurants. After which you can talk paperwork and getting the staff.

Once you have considered all the above, here is a small list I have compiled for you to address with those catering for your wedding. As I already said above, finding the right wedding caterer, one has to ask for recommendations from family, friends and even co-workers can help you locate the right wedding caterer. As you know reputation is an important thing in wedding catering. Do not forget food tasting, as it is another very imperative aspect as far as wedding catering is concerned. Ensure to set up an appointment with the wedding caterers that you may be having and you want to choose one, taste their food, the most enjoyable takes the crown.

Has the food you tasted met your expectations?

If so, ask for references. Contact other wedding venues or clients that specific wedding caterer has ever done business with. Those whose reputation precedes them will be picked out instantly. After which you can become a little official by checking licensing. Contact a local health department, get all the required information of those catering for your wedding. Do not forget to check the budget. Get what you can pay for. Get a quote. As you seek to make a final decision, carefully read any contract that you are required to sign. Such documents will later prove to be very helpful as they will serve as a reference in case of any mishaps as there is a likelihood of disagreeing with the caterer.



Hen Weekends Abroad: Do’s and Don’ts for the Party Girls


Hen Weekends Abroad: Do’s and Don’ts for the Party Girls

You’re young, you’re vibrant, you’re ready to party hard. We get it, girls, and we got to hand it to you: when you are amongst yourselves, you transform into wild queens of the jungle.

Let’s take it down a notch, though, and talk about the things you might want to do and especially the things you might not want to do when you’re outside the borders.

As you might have observed, this article is about hen weekends abroad. We are not going to talk about destinations or activities, because you will find plenty articles on that.

Instead, we’re going to talk about the do’s and the don’ts of a hen weekend away from home.

We’re not like the boys’

This is one type of attitude that will get you almost nowhere. Of course, you’re not like the boys, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot create a ruckus. The boys have their style, especially when they get drunk, and they are truly man-children, but you girls are a different species.

Of course, a hen weekend is all about fun and how to escape from the local type of parties, but remember that you are ladies, even when you have fun and you’re mildly inebriated.

First of all, hen weekends abroad are a cool way to spend this unique party with the future bride and all your friends. If you’re reading this, I guess you are either one of the bride’s friends, the maid of honour, who’s in charge with planning this trip, or even the bride.

Anyhow, this type of do’s and don’ts apply to everybody, as long as you go on a hen weekend in Europe.
What to do, what to avoid doing?

First of all, rules should not be the only thing in somebody’s mind, especially when fun is the keyword here. Fun means freedom, and we all like to escape and act like madmen from time to time.

This is the perfect moment, because nobody is going to give you and your group a hard time, because it’s obvious you’re enjoying yourselves and you do not plan to be obnoxious.

There are, however, a few lines you do not want to cross. Let’s see some of them:

  • If there’s a hen weekend, there’s booze. It’s a holy tradition! However, try and stay in the giggly spot of alcohol ingestion, rather than going completely over the top. Everybody loves a giggly woman, because she’s cute and she likes everybody’s jokes, but when you see a woman who cannot see right from left, then it’s a different situation

  • Enjoy male striptease! Some women are shy when it comes to male striptease, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. Think about it: the boys enjoy lap dances and the curves of their female strippers. Why shouldn’t you. Go wild and let some macho give you the chills. The good kind of chills

  • Do not let the bride get out of your sight! Remember, she is the reason this hen weekend abroad is happening and you definitely do not want something bad happened to her. Be with her all the time, because this trip is about her. Shower her with all your attention

  • Do not let some lad convince the bride to cheat. Remember: she is engaged and about to get married very soon. Maybe she had too much to drink, maybe her head is not in the same movie, but you definitely don’t want her to remember this trip with regret

  • Have faith in your local guide! If you book the right company, you will have a local guide, a man or a woman, who will give you hints and will entertain you. Ask him or her anything you want, because the guide is there to make your hen weekend away worthwhile

As far as the rules go, the local guide should be a wonderful companion. If you want one for your hen weekend abroad, then contact Eventhuse, the company who has local guides in every hen weekend destination they’re offering.

Read more on their website,, choose the destination for the hen weekend and create beautiful memories, which will last a lifetime.