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What a Western Guest Should Wear to an Indian Wedding


What a Western Guest Should Wear to an Indian Wedding

If you’ve never been to one before, Indian weddings are a big deal, from the sheer size and glamour of the event to the food and the dresses.

But when it comes to what to wear as an outsider, you need to put a little bit of extra thought into your outfit than you would at another wedding.

There are lots of different customs and traditions that govern the dress code for Indian weddings and these can vary between regions and families too.

It can be confusing, even to those who are of Indian heritage, so here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Western Dress

Firstly, it’s important to know that while there are traditions and customs to follow, and it can be nice to dress up in something which you wouldn’t normally wear, it is still ok to wear similar clothes as you would to any other wedding.

This said, if you do choose to stick with Western dress, it’s nice to make a bit of an effort to fit in by wearing bright colours, although you might want to avoid reds and golds as these are traditionally worn by the bride.

Of course, your best bet is to speak to the bride or groom and their families, as they’ll have their own expectations for the day and may be more or less relaxed about what their non-Indian guests wear.

However, if you want to have a bit of fun and try some traditional clothing, read on to find out more.

Female Guests

As a woman, your best bet is to find yourself a nice saree, a colourful drape which is wrapped around the waist with one end draped over your shoulder.

According to Sonas Haute Couture, who produce high-quality outfits of Asian weddings: “Sarees can be a little tricky to put on, especially if you’ve never worn one before, so it’s a good idea to try it on a couple of times before the big day, or get your Indian friends to give you a hand. Once you’ve worn one a couple of times, it becomes a lot easier! There may even be someone on hand at the wedding who helps everyone to get ready.

Once they’re on, sarees are comfortable and more importantly, really beautiful! Again, bright colours are a good idea and you’ll be able to find sarees in all kinds of different colours and patterns. You can also make it your own a little bit more by accessorising with jewellery.

Male Guests

For men, it’s slightly easier, and the best thing to wear is probably a kurta, which is a kind of long tunic, which goes below the knees, along with some simple cotton trousers.

If you wanted to go a bit dressier, you could choose to go for a sherwani which is a long coat-like garment.

While it is nice to get involved with an Indian wedding and to put a bit of an effort in, do be careful not to overdo it and seem a little bit too keen to impress!

Other than that, have fun and enjoy being part of your friend’s special day and be prepared for a wedding like no other!


Will you choose ball gown wedding dresses for summer wedding?


Will you choose ball gown wedding dresses for summer wedding?

Practically every young lady has pondered about her wedding. The wedding is an event of great importance in one’s life, especially for girls. Every bride has made great efforts to present their most amazing look. As a matter of fact, many brides feel at a loss when choosing the bridal dresses style. Ball gown wedding dress style can be a good choice for brides at the kemedress store. The ball gown wedding dress style is one of the most popular wedding dress styles in the kemedress store. It is extremely appropriate for brides dreaming of a fairytale wedding.

The dress is defined by a fitted bodice with a full skirt which can be either one piece or separates. It’s a good choice to wear ball gown wedding dresses in a large, formal and traditional ceremony where the dress style is in line with the formality of the event. The kind of dresses can support various necklines and sleeve lengths. Different combinations of these elements contribute to the different general look of the dress. For example, you may hold your wedding in a substantial church, a ball outfit dress with a picture neckline and long sleeves completely demonstrate your elegance and beauty.
Who is Kemedress? It is a history of making dresses from our family. It began with my grandmother who was already pass away. She was a ‘Xiuniang’ in a workshop at Suzhou,’Xiuniang’ means the tailor who is in charge of embroidery.’K’ is a letter from her name,Ke fang. My mother started to learn to make dresses with my grandmother when she was just 13 years old, she has been making dresses for 42 years. My mother makes XiuHe Suit and cheongsam for Chinese brides. She started to make Western Style wedding dresses 15 years ago for more and more Chinese brides choose white wedding dresses for their wedding..’E’ is the letter from my mum’s name, Hui E. I (Matthew)and my sister (Eva)open an online store to sell the wedding dresses to all the happy brides all over the world. We are 3 generations for making dresses!

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses


A Quick Intro to Asian Men’s Wedding Wear


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A Quick Intro to Asian Men’s Wedding Wear

Your wedding day should be one of the most exciting days of your life, so it’s understandable that couples like to dress up. However, it is not only the bride that can dress to impress on her wedding day, but also the groom.

This can be seen particularly prominently in Asian cultures where grooms wear a range of smart, decorative and colourful outfits as they get married.

The Kurta

The kurta is a collarless shirt which can be of varying lengths and is popular across Indian and Asian cultures. It is often worn with a dhoti, pajama, shalwar or lungi, although it can be worn with jeans for a more casual look.

This garment comes in a range of styles, but for weddings, kurtas are usually below knee length and feature various patterns and colours. However, another stylish option is the waistcoat kurta which is then paired with kurta pajamas. This is a short, sleeveless garment worn over the pajamas and is often made from silk.

The Sherwani

The sherwani is one of the most popular garments for Indian weddings. It is a long item that looks a lot like the 19th century British frock coat, after which the sherwani was modelled. These days sherwanis tend to be lavishly decorated with embroidery and are made in a whole range of colours, usually matching or complementing the bride.

They are usually made from brocade, silk and velvet and feature a high collar which gives an almost regal look. The sherwani pictured below is from Sonas Couture and is a perfect example of the regality that can be achieved with a sherwani.

The Jodhpuri Suit

The jodhpuri suit is where Asian wedding styles meet Western styles as the suit features a jacket, trousers and vest, just as Western suits do, but with a twist. The collar is usually similar to the sherwani and the jacket may sometimes have a little more length than traditional Western suit jackets.

Like other Asian wedding garments, the jodhpuri suit often comes in a range of colours and may feature ornate buttons as well as traditional embroidery.

Western Influences

The Asian wedding traditions are often mixed with Western traditions, so it is not uncommon to see a groom wearing a black tuxedo or a style that shows both cultural influences. Indowestern styles are popular in multicultural weddings or for modern couples who are looking to preserve their tradition while adding a contemporary style.

In some cases, both brides and grooms may have more than one outfit for their wedding day, choosing a more traditional outfit for the ceremony and something a little closer to Western dress for the reception.

Asian wedding wear has a recognisable style, offering particularly colourful and ornate designs which help to make Asian weddings joyful, bright and vibrant occasions. Men’s wedding wear is no exception to this, so grooms are able to partake in a way that is not often seen in Western wedding wear.


A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing An Indian Wedding Dress


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A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing An Indian Wedding Dress

If you are engaged to be married, you will no doubt have already given a lot of thought to the dress that you are going to wear on your big day. Every bride-to-be will spend a great deal of time searching for that perfect outfit to wear, and while many Indian brides will go down the traditional route and opt for a red colour for their bridal dress, some choose to look at different colours for a more individual look.

But with so many different options, it can be confusing to know where to start. With that in mind, we thought that we would make things a little bit easier for you and give you a little advice when it comes to choosing the perfect colour.

The easiest way to get started is to consider your skin tone, as the perfect colour of dress should complement your complexion. We spoke to Sonas Couture, who are specialists in Indian and Asian bridal wear and clothing to get some recommendations, so if you’re unsure of which colours are best for different skin tones, then read on to find out more.

Fair complexions

Fair skin tones are lucky in that they have a wide variety of colours to choose from, such as bright blues, reds, and pinks. If you prefer a softer look for your wedding day, light colours such as peach, mint green, light purple, and light pink will suit you well.

Some colours are best avoided, such as soft browns and greys as these colours tend to fade into your complexion too much and not stand out.

Wheatish complexions

Most colours work rather well for ladies with wheatish complexions, however, we do have a few suggestions to bring out the warmth in your complexion. Vibrant shades of red or hot pink will help to bring out plenty of warmth, as well tangy oranges of saffron yellow.

Mint green and royal blue will also work well for wheatish complexions, however, avoid beige, almond, grey, and any other shade too close to your skin tone.

Olive complexions

Women who have a dusky olive toned complexion are lucky enough to be able to pull off rich and dark colours extremely well. This means classic blue, marsala, brick red, and burnt orange are perfect choices.

Metallic colours such as bronze, silver, and gold are also very flattering and will make your face glow! Avoid neon and bright shades as these are less flattering.


Getting the colour right is easy once you know what suits your particular complexion, however, another thing that is very important is how comfortable your dress of choice is.

When trying on, try to imagine how you will feel wearing your dress all day long, as you not only want to look beautiful but also feel your best too.

We hope that this has given you a few pointers when it comes to choosing the perfect dress for your Indian wedding if you were a little unsure of where to begin looking. If you need a little bit more inspiration, we think that this roundup of 17 traditional bridal looks from different states of India is a beautiful place to start.


Wedding sarees in blue – the new go to colour for weddings


Besides, red color, wedding sarees also look beautiful in variety of other colours like blue, green, yellow, white, etc. Fashionable wedding sarees in blue color can be found in the market in different designs. These look fresh and modern that can be matched with perfect jewelry and decorations. People get excited in weddings for attending and also if they are the main bride or the groom. For brides, the day is about lot of apprehensions, fun, enjoyment and not to forget huge shopping list. In the shopping list there will be a demand of a beautiful and stunning wedding saree. And to its matching a beautiful piece of ornament for neck, ears, head, ankles, wrist, etc. is also must. It is lot of fun choosing from a variety of materials available in the market. They go to shops especially with friends and families and try one after another to choose the best among all. For online shopping of blue wedding sarees check out . Paithani is one of the profound Indian designs that is available in luxurious, gracious and attractive designs.

Wedding sarees in blue colour are easily available in this category of saree. It also comprises of oblique borders and distinct variety of colors across the length and breadth of saree. It has perfect length too. One of the beautiful designed sarees that would look perfect on brides is wedding sarees in blue colour with the peacock leit motifs which is symbol of elegance and ethnicity. Blue sarees with polka dot designs also look amazing when worn. Blue is a clolour that depicts royalty and with golden polka dots over the saree, it highlights paithani legacy. Wedding sarees in blue color are also available in round zari embellishment with variety of designs making them gorgeous. Ice blue and purple color combination of wedding saree also looks stunning with floral motifs and it suits women of any age. A lavish border in blue colored saree is ravishing and highlights beauty overall. Choosing an amazing saree for wedding can be a Hercules task but when a choice is made, that will be cherished forever.

Stylish and graceful wedding sarees in blue colour will be remembered for lifetime and can also be made use in other various functions coming on way. Blue also goes well with orange and red color. So, when a bride goes out and searches a wedding saree in the market, she will have numerous choices to choose from. It is advised that she should be careful and try many of these and decide the one that you are comfortable in and also looks great on you. No one should get nervous while choosing a saree for their grand day. One should have a calm and controlled mind and pick up the one which is perfet on your looks as well as the budget. Yu will remember the shopping done for your wedding for lifetime. Wedding sarees in blue colour can be chosen as these are unique and deliver a sophisticated appearance with touch of royalty. Wearing it with style will give a grand look and your loved ones will be full of appreciation and compliments for you.


How to Choose the Best Band for Your Engagement Ring


How to Choose the Best Band for Your Engagement Ring

Once you’ve found your perfect match and it’s time to make that all-important buy, the last thing you probably imagine is buying the wedding band to go along with that big rock.

Well, you should.

For daily life, wearing that elegant engagement ring is impractical. Imagine trying to do pilates with a $6,000 piece of jewelry on your finger – hardly a pretty picture (especially if you don’t have the right ring insurance)

The wedding band is smaller and more manageable, but it can also be equally as elegant. It can be tricky to pick out the right one, though. In 2017, we’ve gone beyond choosing a simple gold band – and many jewelers offer great package deals for engagement rings and wedding bands that are worth considering.

But the question remains, which band is the perfect match for your ring?

Let’s find out:

If you have a solitaire…

Simple. Clean. Elegant. You need a matching band that compliments your commitment to simplicity and classiness. This is the perfect opportunity to utilize those pave diamonds you were initially considering for the engagement ring. Complimentary contrast is always a safe bet.

If you have a pave band…

No need to make your engagement ring feel upstaged. Ambitious rings are best paired with ones that are grounded and simple – balance is always a safe bet, after all.

If you have a unique ring…

The best rings tell the story of your relationships. As a result, these can get a little wild – mixing and matching different intricate vintage designs, filigree, engravings and decorations.

So, pick your favorite design.

The wedding band should advertise the most beautiful aspect of your engagement ring – like a powerful quote from a famous speech. Let this be a synopsis to the story your ring tells.

If you have a three-stone ring…

These rings are becoming increasingly popular, making their wedding band match evermore essential. These engagement rings usually feature a large stone complimented by a pair of smaller, different cuts.

The best wedding band will join the chorus of the two complementary stones, matching the same pattern to really bring out the center stone when both are worn at the same time.

If you have a colored stone…

Beautiful and different, a simple band won’t be good enough for these exotic stones. You’ll need the same color to adequately complement it. The goal here is to coordinate with the engagement ring, so add in some non-colored stones to balance the look.

Without a proper balance, the two rings could end up competing for attention, but striking the right combination will magnify its presence.

If your ring is oddly shaped…

There’s a match out there for everyone, even your uniquely-beautiful engagement ring boasting elegant curves. For these, you’ll want to take a Tetris approach. Craft a wedding band that sits comfortably above or beneath your engagement ring – in the end, it should fit together like snow gathering on rooftops, making the ring feel bigger overall.



Are Wedding Rings a Dying Trend?


Man is engaging woman giving her engagement ring

For as long as we can remember we can relate the traditional wedding ring with its solid rock and perfect round body as the clear meaning of the act of “engagement”. Also known as the classic formal agreement to get married.

We can all picture it in our minds, the man gets down on one knee and holds out a hand with a small box. At this point, the woman is overcome with emotion and puts one hand over her mouth to cover her amazement and shock. He then continues with the last part, opening the box and asking “will you marry me?”. She says “yes!!!” and he places the ring on her finger and they live happily ever after! There are other choices, there is alternative wedding jewelry. This does not have to be your story.

There is nothing wrong with that story. It is the most common scenario in the world, but times are changing. Women have changed. Our tasted have changed. We want alternative wedding jewelry.

Women have become more empowered over the last years than ever before. Their tastes have changed and most of them do not wish to be like their grandmothers or mothers before them.

In a fast changing world, we can opt for anything we want and a lot of couples are choosing alternative wedding jewelry making it more and more popular. Why wear a classic one stone ring? You can choose any piece of alternative jewelry or ring you desire.

Most women will wear the engagement ring for the rest of their lives. If you think about it, it is a very long time to wear something that does not characterize you. Why wear a ring that you will be seeing every single day for the rest of your life that you do not like? You can choose any alternative wedding ring or jewelry you want.

Alternative Wedding Rings

The wedding ring has an important significance and this is why it has always been the popular choice over the decades. The shape of the ring, a perfect circle that has no beginning or end is the symbol of infinity. This is what you want in a marriage, for the bond to last endlessly and eternally just as love should.

There are so many beautiful alternative wedding rings to choose from. From different materials to color diamonds that match your personality and style.

There are unusual stones to look into. If your spirit is colorful so should your ring. You can choose from opal, moonstone, sapphire, ruby, topaz, pearl and the list goes on. Choosing to give your ring a little color will give it a focal point and make it visually pop.

Maybe there is special meaning for the couple in a certain stone. Maybe you want the month you met to be on your finger for as long as you shall live. Maybe you choose an alternative wedding ring with a design that captures a special moment for the two of you.

Alternative Wedding Jewelry

Let’s look at a simpler alternative wedding choice out there: the wedding band, the most classic piece of jewelry out there. Now imagine it personalized to your exact specifications. Let’s say you both have the same design wedding band, you can imprint your fingerprint on the wedding ring bands. You can write something meaningful on them.

You can choose to be unique and opt for another piece of wedding jewelry altogether.

You can choose an engagement necklace. Maybe you can’t stand the feel of something on your finger and you prefer another piece of jewelry. You can choose engagement earrings or an engagement bracelet.

They say that an engagement necklace is closer to your heart. Many women opt for necklaces for this exact reason.

Another reason couple are choosing alternative wedding jewelry is one that is truly beautiful and full of meaning, the family heirloom. Passed down from generation to generation you can’t help but admit the meaning that piece of jewelry has obtained over generations of women that have worn it.

Imagine the love of your life proposing to you with a necklace, earrings or a bracelet that has been in his family for generations. That brings so much history with it and is now your honor to wear.

It is true that alternative wedding jewelry is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The true meaning behind a wedding proposal is the love that two people have for each other. Whatever you choose, your alternative wedding ring or jewelry will be beautiful as long as it is meaningful.


Best Wedding Ring Trends of 2017


Engagement ring

Over the years we have all read books or seen numerous amounts of movies telling a love story that seems to always end in the male part offering the female part a ring. We are all accustomed to this tradition and as much controversy as a wedding causes the truth is that women love jewelry.

Before any wedding takes place there is always a proposal. This is very simple math; you take a woman in love plus one man of her dreams and offer her a piece of jewelry. Can it be any simpler?

This is where it all gets interesting. Just like any other industry in the world there are trends that change from season to season and this applies to the jewelry industry as well. Let’s take a look at what awaits future fiancées and brides this year.

The Engagement Ring

If anyone is wondering how this tradition of offering a diamond engagement ring came to be, you have Archduke Maximillian of Austria to blame. He commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring on record for this betrothed, Mary of Burgundy.

The most classic engagement ring that will never go out of style no matter what year we are in will remain victoriously, the single solitaire diamond ring.

A popular choice in 2017 is the unique Halos. The reason this ring is popular is easy to see why. The row of sparkling gems offers the center stone more attention since it makes it look bigger.

The twisted halo, on the other hand comes with a unique idea; the Forever frame. Forever is what you mean with the ring so this ring does that for you.

The Vintage Unusual Engagement Ring

This might just be of the most beautiful and poetic gestures out there, to give a vintage engagement. ring. Maybe you do not have a mother that carried the ring down from generations of women in your family ready to give to you to hand the woman of your dream! That is fine, because there are so many vintage wedding rings out there for sale.

In 2017 it is a trend and an honor to have a vintage engagement ring. Not only are you letting the story that the ring came with live on, you yourself are adding to it’s story.

The Edwardian era is a favorite in 2017 with its intricate and feminine style.

The Unique Engagement Ring

This year the Black Diamond is here and it makes a loud statement. This is a surefire way to guarantee people see your bling. Just like Big gave Carrie. Black diamonds are associated with certainty and passion, perfect for an engagement ring.

The Wedding Band

The wedding band has come a long way from what it use to be. In 2017 you can get a get a major sparkle with your wedding band by incorporating a pavé ring next to your engagement ring.

The Classing Wedding Band

Sometimes you will see the pavé diamonds set on specific areas of the band just to provide diamond accents, a favorite for someone whose style is minimalist. Traditional brides are very drawn to this style because it has just the right amount of sparkle without being too overwhelming. 

Unique Stackable Wedding Bands

Since staking has become very popular it was only a matter of time before it became popular in the jewelry world. The rings can be all have a different meaning. Consider each one for a certain number of years together. The perfect anniversary present. Plus she already has one, why not just stack it up in 2017.

The Unusual Rose Gold Wedding Band

This particular romantic metal has come a very long way and when it comes to wedding rings it has become very popular. The color is elegant, timeless and warm.

The Vintage inspired Wedding Band

Vintage style brides may opt for authentic vintage rings, but others are into modern versions of old favorites that incorporate elements of classic styles from years’ passed. When shopping for this particular style, look for detailed filigree engravings and delicate raised edges. 

Whatever type of character you have, there is a ring out there for you. This piece of jewelry will be in your direct sight for the rest of your life. There is no reason to settle for boring, 2017 won’t allow it! All you have to go is feel the ring that speaks to you.


3 Reasons to Propose with an Antique Ring


3 Reasons to Propose with an Antique Ring

3 Reasons to Propose with an Antique Ring

Contemplating shopping for an antique engagement ring over something new? Before making your mind up for certain, give these three reasons a read and see if it doesn’t sway your decision.

  1. Diamonds Don’t Age…or Date

…but they do rise in price the newer the diamond(s) you opt to buy. Hence, it is well worth considering an antique ring if you or your partner have your heart set on investing in the stone of all stones, especially as according to the ring buying guide featured on the Greys Antiques website 70% of women today opt to do exactly that and choose diamonds.

One of the hardest materials known to man a 150 year old diamond differs from a modern diamond in no way except by cut and setting; the stone itself will bear absolutely no wear and tear to the naked eye. Hence, an antique diamond really is as good as new, and costing a fraction of that a new diamond ring will set you back, this means that going antique is likely to translate into meaning you can to afford a rock that’s at least twice the size and as such twice as wowing as a modern alternative.

Better yet, shop online via a well established antique specialist such as Laurelle Antique Jewellery or Antique Rings Online and you could save even more as shopping online is also likely to save you compared to hitting the high street.


Hats Off ! Creative Wedding Hats are Tops


Edel Ramberg Wedding Hats Creative Bridal Designs


Hats Off ! Creative Wedding Hats are Tops. Edel Ramberg is an Irish designer specialising in millinery creating hats, headpieces, masks and turbans for ladies. All Edel’s pieces are handmade in her atelier in Galway City on the west coast of Ireland.

On completion of her degree in Fashion Design in the Limerick School of Art & Design Edel went on to work in Manhattan with design house Regatta USA, who own brands like Nicola Miller and Simply Vera, gaining experience in mass market design. On her return to Ireland she began a four year role with property experts Savills working as the commercial teams Retail Fashion Advisor travelling between the London and Dublin offices advising on emerging European and International brands. It was during her travels around Europe observing new and exciting designers that she realised her passion to be in retail and design which began a new journey to set up her own business.

Since interning with Philip Treacy in 2009 Edel had the opportunity to work on collaborations with Valentino as well as creations for the Royal Family. It was an amazing experience and one that paved the way for her creative journey.

Taken from Edel’s Spring Summer Collection this large red weave disk with roses, feathers and little bird design will have is simply stunning. More designs from Edel’s fabulous collections are available at Edel Ramberg Designs.

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